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This is the new Beer Adelaide Website, With everything related to the Past, Present and Future
of the South Australian Brewing and Beer Industry.

I will be uploading all my research on the the South Australian Beer, as well as any news on the future of the industry.
If you have any historical photos of breweries or labels not included on this website, I would love to add them, please get in contact with me!

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Kernewek Lowender Swanky


With the 2023 Kernewek Lowender festival being held this month, I have added an article on the history of the Kernewek Lowender's own beer SWANKY!

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Crafty Robot Brewery Now Open


The latest craft brewery in the CBD opened in April, Crafty Robot is a small batch brewery with a great central location on Grote Street.

New Micro Breweries Added


This year has seen the opening of two new breweries, namely Penny Red Beer Co. located near McLaren Vale and Jump Ship Brewing in Port Lincoln.
The former made its debut at the Fleurieu Beer Festival in Willunga, where attendees had the opportunity to sample their beers.
The official cellar door of Penny Red Beer Co. is expected to open shortly, making it a must-visit destination for beer enthusiasts.
On the other hand, Jump Ship Brewing opened its doors in the second week of January and currently offers its beers on draught, with plans to package them in cans in the near future.

New Micro Brewery Added - Kilburn Brewing Co.


U-Brew-It Kilburn has now been renamed to Kilburn Brewing Co. adding retail beer to its 'Brew on Premises' business.
The brewery currently has five beers, available from the brewery in Kilburn, on Churchill Road, across from Costco.

Website Brewery Update


Just an update to the Website.
I have finished scanning all the South Australian Micro Brewery Labels and Cans, as well as completing all the Old Brewery Labels and Cans.
If there is any Labels or Cans I am missing from the website, please let me know. Cheers.

Added a new section, South Australian Softdrink manufacturers


I have started adding all of SA's Soft Drink manufacturers. The current companies with content added are marked with an asterisks

A brief history of beer cans


Beer packaged in cans has now become the standard off premises container, from the largest corporate breweries to the smallest microbreweries, they all seem to be canning.
Though beer cans started much earlier that most people think.

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Micro Breweries added


I have finished adding all the known South Australian Micro Breweries.

Historical Breweries added


I have finished updating all the historical breweries, click on the Breweries Pre-1980 to view.