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Coopers Brewery
Pale ale
By : Beer Adelaide
Feb 2015
Coopers Pale Ale is the flagship beer for Coopers Brewery. First brewed in the early 20th century and originally named 'Light Dinner Ale', the beer was a popular milder tasting beer. Australia's taste in beer changed by the 1950's and Ales were not selling well, so Coopers Brewery dropped the beer in favour of brewing lighter tasting lagers.

The mid 1980's craft beer revolution started and peoples taste in beer changed, heavier tasting traditional beers came back in to vogue. Coopers jumped on the trend and reintroduced the beer but renamed as 'Coopers Original Pale Ale'. Though slow to take off its popularity grew and now it has become the most popular Ale in Australia.

Beer Style - Australian Pale Ale
Strength - 4.5%
Bottle Size - 375mL, 750mL & Draught
Colour - Very light straw colour with heavy yeast clouding
Aroma - A Light floral hop aroma with fruity yeast tones
Malt - A very light malt flavor, though a little sweetness shows through
Hops - Mainly a bitter hop taste, most likely Pride of Ringwood
Overall Taste - A well balanced, easy to drink pale ale. Not much hop flavor, though some sweetness and fruity flavors show through.
Overall - An easy to drink beer, with more flavor than a normal Australian lager



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