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Malt Fiction Brewing
13 pale ale
By : Beer Adelaide
Feb 2015
Malt Fiction is a new player to the South Australian beer market. 13 is the companies first entry to the market and i think they have played it pretty safe. The beer is nice but non offensive and will attract beer drinkers who don't usually drink craft beer.

13 Pale Ale is brewed under contract by a local brewer here in Adelaide, which is much nicer to see compared to the number of local companies who are going interstate for brewing services.

Style - Pale Ale
Strength - 4.5%
Size - 330 mL
Colour - Golden Colour
Aroma - Fruity hoppyness with sweet tones and slight bread notes
Malt - Light on maltiness, though there is sweetness on the tongue
Hops - Nice bitterness with faint floral hop taste at the back of the pallet.
Overall Taste - Nice bitterness with low malt flavors. Great on a hot day.
Overall - A great starter beer for a new player to the market. It will suit mainstream beer drinkers, but people who usually enjoy craft beer wont be disappointed.



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