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By : Beer Adelaide
Feb 2015
Brew Boys is a small brewery located on Regency Road, Croydon, and the brewer Simon is not afraid to be adventurous, and Hoppapotamus is certainly one adventurous IPA. This IPA is packed full of hops and from the first taste it will smack you in the mouth. As Brewboys description of the beer states 'With enough hops to choke a large African animal'

Hoppapotamus is the highest rating South Aussie beer on Untapped and the fifth highest IPA in Australia, and one taste will certainly explain why.

Style - IPA
Strength - 7.0%
Size - 650 mL & Draught
Colour - Rich Amber
Aroma - Honey and toffee with lots of resin and pine needles.
Malt - Slight honey and toffee flavours
Hops - A massive hit of fresh hops punch you in the face, lots of dry hopping with resinous, pine and floral flavours, Fantastic.
Overall Taste - A massive beer with huge hop characteristics, with a hint of honey and toffee
Overall - One of the best IPA’s I have ever tasted, easily a 5 out of 5 for me



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