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Smiling Samoyed
By : Beer Adelaide
Feb 2015
The Smiling Samoyed Brewery is located in Myponga on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The Smiling Samoyed Brewery is the latest incarnation of the original Myponga brewery established in the early 2000's, the original brewery was an extract setup that had a terrible reputation. The new owners have done away with the old brewing gear and have purchased a new all grain 1000L brewery and are brewing some marvelous beers.

This limited released beer is named after one of the fluffy white Samoyed dogs that the brewery is named after.

Style - Double Brown Ale
Strength - 7.6%
Size - 330mL
Colour - Dark Brown
Aroma - lots of roasted malt with a hint of toffee.
Malt - Nice pale malt flavours
Hops - The initial taste is light in hops but the bitterness quickly grows at the back of the pallet with pine and resin
Overall Taste - A rich dark ale high in roasted malt and sweet toffee flavours, finishing with real bitterness at the back of the mouth.
Overall - A nice double brown with rich flavours, but the alcohol taste does show through, which can detract from the overall enjoyment of this beer. Great on a colder day when a rich high alcohol beer is a great comfort.



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