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Meechi Brewery Company
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By : Beer Adelaide
Feb 2015
The Meechi Brewing Company is a new start up in Langhorne Creek. Langhorne CReek is best known for its Wineries, it is nice to see a craft beer pop up in wine country. This Pale Ale is the Meechi Brewing Companies first dive into the craft beer world.

The Meechi Brewing Company currently contracts its brewing services out to a Victorian brewery, but hopefully they can look to start their own brewery in the future.

Style - Australian Pale Ale
Strength - 5.8%
Size - 330mL
Colour - Amber
Aroma - Slight sweetness with dates and sultanas.
Malt - Light on malt flavours with a little sweetness.
Hops - High bitterness, floral and citrusy on the pallet.
Overall Taste - Slight malt flavour and high floral bitterness.
Overall - A great first beer for this beer company, a great take on an Australian Pale Ale. Nice Bitterness that will keep craft beer drinkers interested, but not miles off a Coopers Pale Ale that might convert a few Coopers drinkers over to the world of Craft Beer.



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