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The Ed boutique beer challenge
and masterclass
By : Beer Adelaide
March 2015
The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars held their first craft beer tasting on Saturday the 7th of March starting at 12:00 and running until 4:00. Entry, 15 beer tokens, tasting glass and a slider hamburger for only $20, with most beer tastings only 1 token, this was fantastic value.

Ten craft breweries were in attendance Barossa Valley Brewing (SA), Big Shed Brewing (SA), Fullers (UK), Nomad Brewing (NSW), Palais Imports (USA & Japan), Pirate Life (SA), Prancing Pony (SA), Swell Brewing (SA), Vale Brewing (SA) & Young Henrys (SA)

Fantastic atmosphere and mother nature putting on perfect weather made for a great day. This was also one of Pirate Life Brewings first outings and I must say their beers did not disappoint. There was also a new beer for Barossa Valley Brewing with their new Pilsner available for tasting, and great imported beers from Fullers and Palais Imports.

Brooklyn Brewery Masterclass

The Brooklyn Brewery Master Class was also a great experience, with 6 hard to find Brooklyn beers available for tasting. At $45 a ticket it was a bit pricy, but with most of the beers available for tasting costing over $30 a bottle it was good value.

First up was Local 1, a Belgian Strong Ale
9% Alcohol
A light golden colour, with a yeasty sweet aroma.
The taste was not unlike the aroma with a pleasant spice hoppiness.

The next beer was Wild Streak which was another Belgian String Ale, but this time fermented with a wild yeast in bourbon barrels.
10% Alcohol
Again a golden colour, and with a vanilla and bourbon aroma.
The bourbon had imparted a nice vanilla sweetness to the ale but the wild yeast had given it a slight tartness. A very overpowering beer.

Next in line was the Cuvée La Boîte A spiced Grand Cru
7.9% Alcohol
Amber in colour, and a spicy aroma with lots of black pepper
Again the taste was very much like the aroma with lots of spice, pepper and orange peel.

Our next ale was the Cuvée Noire a Strong Dark Ale
10.6% Alcohol
black in colour, the aroma was of overpowered by bourbon
A very sweet taste with lots of bourbon, very overpowering, in my opinion it would go well with a chocolate desert but difficult to drink on its own.

Hand & Seal an English Barley Wine was next
13.3% Alcohol
A deep Brown colour, again rich in bourbon aroma's.
A sweet barley wine rich in bourbon, vanilla and oak, as well as a lot of alcohol on the pallat.

Lastly was Black Ops another bourbon aged beer but better executed in a Russian Imperial Stout.
11.6% Alcohol
Dark black in colour, the Aroma was sweet with bourbon, but also dried fruit like raisins
A lovely hit of roasted malt, with the sweet bourbon, as well as hints dried fruit, made this for me, the best ale of the tasting.

The Master class was a delight to attend, and accompanied with great nibble food and a cheese platter, I could not rate this highly enough.



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