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Pirate Life Brewing
Pale ale
By : Beer Adelaide
March 2015
Pirate Life Brewing Co. is a brand new brewery to South Australia. Their first three beers being Throwback IPA, IIPA and a Pale Ale, all three beers have been released in cans, a new phenomenon for South Australian craft breweries.

Pirate Life Pale Ale is the second of the initial three beers to be canned and it is a fantastically hoppy pale ale.

Style - American Pale Ale
Strength - 5.4%
Size - 355mL
Colour - Amber
Aroma - Pine needles, Passion-fruit and a hint of Grape-fruit.
Malt - low in malt flavour but a hint of Malt biscuits.
Hops - A fantastic mix of pine and fruits like Passion-fruit and Grape-fruit, this comes primarily from the mosaic hops used in this beer.
Overall Taste - A great explosion of hop flavour as soon as the beer touches your tongue.
Overall - A great example of an American pale ale, lots of hoppiness with light but sweet malt tones.



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