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Woolshed Brewery
Amazon ale
By : Beer Adelaide
March 2015
Amazon Ale is named after the Amazon Creek, which is located near the woolshed brewery in Murtho (Near Renmark)

Amazon Ale was the first beer brewed at the Woolshed Brewery, and is the flagship beer for company.

Style - Australian Pale Ale
Strength - 4.7%
Size - 330mL Bottles & Draught
Colour - Golden in colour
Aroma - Sweet malt aromas with citrus and a hint of mango.
Malt - Rich in sweet pale malt flavours, not unlike a malt biscuit.
Hops - Light on the bitterness with a nice citrus aftertaste.
Overall Taste - Lots of malty flavours, perhaps it could do with a little more bitterness.
Overall - A great take on an Australian Pale Ale, I think it is one step up from Coopers Pale Ale, a little more flavour than Coopers flagship beer. If you are a fan of Coopers Pale, grab a Amazon Ale you won’t be disappointed.



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