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Vale Brewing
By : Beer Adelaide
April 2015
Vale Brewery would have to be South Australia’s largest micro-brewery when it comes to production, with their beers being available at most of the large liquor store chains around Australia, available from stores like BWS.

While the Vale Ale would be their most popular beer, I think the IPA is by far the best beer in the Vale range. Paired with the distinctive award winning label design, Vale Beers stand out from the rest of the crowd when looking into the bland assortment of beers at most big chain bottle shops.

Style - IPA
Strength - 5.5%
Size - 330mL Bottles & Draught
Colour - Amber
Aroma - Resin, Orange peel with nice maltiness.
Malt - Nice malt sweetness.
Hops - Hop resin with citrus and a hint of spice.
Overall Taste - A nicely balanced taste with good hop flavours and a nice maltiness.
Overall - A great IPA that is readily available and at a great price. I don't think you could find a better beer at your local grog shop.



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