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Prancing Pony
India red ale
By : Beer Adelaide
April 2015
Prancing Pony’s India Red Ale was the first of the beers released from the brewery, under their special release range. The beer is a fusion of a Red Ale and an American IPA, the results have made a fantastically malty, heavily hopped beer, which would be one of the South Australia’s best brews.

Available in 500mL bottles, and available in select bottle shops, this is one pony well worth tracking down.

Style - Imperial Red Ale
Strength - 7.9%
Size - 500mL Bottles
Colour - Copper/Amber in colour
Aroma - Caramel, toffee, passion-fruit and herbs.
Malt - Great caramelized malt sweetness.
Hops - A big hop hit with lots of citrus, and pine. With hints of passionfruit and dried fruit.
Overall Taste - A fantastic hoppy beer with toffee and caramel sweetness.
Overall - This is Prancing Pony’s best beer, a big beer complete with sweet malt and a huge hop hit.



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