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Pikes Beer Company
Genuine stout
By : Beer Adelaide
April 2015
Pikes Beer Company is run from Pikes Winery at Sevenhill, near Clare. The company started life in Oakbank in 1886, and instantly became popular for brewing great beers. but unfortunately the company fell on hard times during the great depression and brewing stopped in the 1930's.

The family started to get beer brewed under license in the 1990's from the likes of Coopers and several interstate breweries. Fortunately Pikes have purchased a brewery that has became operational in early 2015, with the intention to brew beer again and follow in the family brewing tradition.

Style - Stout
Strength - 5.2%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Deep black in colour
Aroma - Roasted aroma with raisins and liquorice.
Malt - Roasted malt with hints coffee, dried fruit and smokiness.
Hops - Nice hop notes, not overpowering on bitterness.
Overall Taste - A good light stout, a bit thin on body, perhaps a little more hops would have been nice.
Overall - Overall a good easy drinking stout, currently brewed at Hargreaves Hill interstate, but hopefully Pikes will be brewing this at the Sevenhill brewery in the future.



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