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Jog-on bitter
By : Beer Adelaide
May 2015
Jog-On Bitter is the latest in the range of Mid-Strength beers produced in SA. And like the recent mid-strength beers this is an excellent brew, that you can easily enjoy as a session beer as well as a reduced alcohol alternative to full strength beer.

The guys at Brewboys have brewed a traditional style bitter with use of only English hops.

Style - English Bitter
Strength - 3.5%
Size - 650mL Bottles
Colour - Amber/Copper Colour.
Aroma - Nice fruity aroma.
Malt - Mild sweetness with malt biscuits.
Hops - Nice bitterness with floral and citrus taste at the back of the pallet.
Overall Taste - Nice balance with malt and hops.
Overall - A Easy drinking mid strength bitter. The use of English hops makes this a great example of a English Bitter.



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