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Rehn Bier
Maple porter
By : Beer Adelaide
May 2015
Rehn Bier is a small brewery in the Barossa Valley town of Angaston.

Rehn Biers Maple Porter is a sweet porter with maple syrup added to the boil and then to the bottle for priming.

Style - Porter
Strength - 4.2%
Size - 500mL Bottles
Colour - Deep brown in colour.
Aroma - Sweet toffee, hint of cloves and spice.
Malt - Sweet malt with malt biscuits and toffee.
Hops - Mild bitterness with notes of spice.
Overall Taste - A sweet porter with spiced bitterness.
Overall - A bit thin for my liking, and no real maple syrup flavour, as well the bottle I had was also over-carbonated. But overall it was a nice porter, not the best I have tried, but not the worst either.


Tony - As a huge Maple fan I was only slightly disappointed as I thought the flavour would be more pronounced. However, I thought it was a great example of its type and will continue to promote it to my dark beer loving friends.BTW I didn't find it "thin". Drink, enjoy.

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