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Campus Brewery
Piwo Grodziskie
By : Beer Adelaide
May 2015
Campus Brewery is an educational brewery setup in the Regency Park Tafe campus.

The brewery is used for training amateur brewers as well as large brewery employees. The brewers are always willing to try traditional ales as well as some far out brews.

The brewery has won numerous awards and their beer is fantastic, though the only downfall is that their beers are only available through the Cafe at the Regency Park Tafe, name Results Cafe.

Style - EGrodziskie (Polish style wheat beer)
Strength - 3.3%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Very pale straw in colour with lots of yeast cloudiness.
Aroma - Smoked bacon.
Malt - Lots of smoked malt, with some sweetness.
Hops - Very lightly hopped.
Overall Taste - An odd smoked taste that finishes with some refreshing sourness.
Overall - A very odd beer, with its aroma and initial taste being smoke, but finishing with a refreshing sourness, it is a bit light in body, but I believe that is usual for the style.



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