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Copper Coast Wines
By : Beer Adelaide
May 2015
The Kernewek Lowender festival on the Copper Coast is held once every two years (Odd Years) and is a celebration of the area's Cornish heritage.

Since the first festival in 1973 a special beer named SWANKY has been brewed for the event, Numerous breweries have brewed SWANKY over the years including Coopers, West End and several micro breweries both here in SA and interstate.

Fortunately for the last 4 festivals a new beer company named Copper Coast Wines has supplied the beer to the festival, and is much better than the previous SWANKY beers i have tried at festivals gone.

Style - Pale Ale
Strength - 4.9%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Amber-copper in colour.
Aroma - Citrus & caramel amora.
Malt - Nice malt biscuit taste.
Hops - Great hop flavour with citrus, stone fruit & pine needles.
Overall Taste - Nice balance with malt and hops.
Overall - With SWANKY being only brewed once every two years for the Copper Coast festival, it is well worth hunting down.



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