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Campus Brewery
By : Beer Adelaide
May 2015
In the next few weeks I will be trying to sample the Australian International Beer Award winning beers from SA. And first on my list is a new brew from Campus Brewery named Koyt.

Koyt is a traditional Dutch beer brewed with malted oats. The beer recently won a Silver Award from the 2015 AIBA's, and as with all Campus beers it is only available from the Results Cafe at Regency Park Tafe.

Style - Dutch Traditional
Strength - 5.9%
Size - 500mL Bottles
Colour - Straw coloured with a bit of haze.
Aroma - Yeasty with stonefruit not unlike a Saison.
Malt - Sweet grain taste with hints of porridge.
Hops - nice refreshing hop taste, with hints of spice, low bitterness though.
Overall Taste - A nice refreshing beer, low bitterness and earthy.
Overall - Very much like a Saison, you get that farmhouse feel, though a not as sweet.


Stephen Nelsen - Well Done to Student Andrew Colley, who's major project this was! Cheers.

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