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Goodieson Brewery
Wheat beer
By : Beer Adelaide
June 2015
Goodieson Brewery's Wheat Beer was recommended to me from Beer Adelaide reader Gizmo. One of Goodieson's core beers, along with their Pale Ale, Pilsner & Brown Ale.

This Wheat Beer is a traditional style German Hefeweizen, and is available from the brewery and select bottleshops around Adelaide.

Style - Hefeweizen
Strength - 5.2%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Light Golden in colour.
Aroma - Cloves, spice & yeast.
Malt - A typical sweet hefeweizen wheat malt flavour.
Hops - Cloves, spice and green apples.
Overall Taste - Sweet wheat malt taste with cloves a hint of green apples and a nice Hefe yeast flavour.
Overall - A typical hefeweizen, with nice clove flavour, though a bit more banana flavour would have been nice.



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