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Adelaide beer & bbq
By : Beer Adelaide
July 2015
The first Beer & BBQ Festival was held on the weekend featuring 31 Breweries and 5 Cider makers.

Held at the Wayville Showgrounds between the 10th and 12th of July. With the breweries setup in the cattle pavilion located on the southern side of the showgrounds.

And the main drinking and food arena on the grassed area to the south of the pavilion.

The Breweries and Cider Makers were all A-Grade with great set-ups and a fantastic attitude,
making everyone feel welcome.

The displays were all rustic and looked fantastic, with plenty of information about the beers being served, and the brewers and helpers all providing in-depth descriptions about their wares.

While the Beers and Ciders were all fantastic the organisers and food suppliers were a huge let down.

With the festival being held mid winter, the organisers should have done a better job keeping the area dry, the whole of the grassed area was wet and sodden, with only the pavilion and the food tent area to keep dry. The main eatery and seating area should have been indoors.

The Ticketing was also a mess, the several ticketing booths with line-ups 20-50 people deep either kept people waiting in the rain or in the main pavilion getting in everyone's way. The ticketing booth cashiers did not know what was happening, with prepaid tickets not being honored at some booths and no directions on what booths would honor them.

The wait to get into the event was also fraught with problems, the event was scheduled to start at midday, but as 12:00 o'clock rolled past and lines stretching over a hundred metres down the road in the poring rain and hail.
It took the organisers another 15 minutes to open the gates.

But perhaps the worst part of the day was the food stalls. They were all dreadfully overpriced and terribly SLOW. A sausage and bread costing $7 and a small plate of BBQ meat $30. The wait for food was atrocious, I had ordered at three of the stalls, one was no wait, while the second was a 25 minute wait and the third being a 45 minute wait. Lastly the food had run out early on Friday night and early in the evening on Saturday.

The day was well worth the trouble with all the fantastic beers available, I just hope if they put the event on again they make the whole shindig indoors and with better organisation and much better run food stalls.



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