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Prancing pony & Fox hat
Foxy pony
By : Beer Adelaide
July 2015
During a brewers conference earlier in the year, two local brewers blended samples of their beers to make a modern black & tan.

Jeff from Fox Hat Brewing and Frank from Prancing Pony Brewing experimented, until they came across a perfect ratio of their Phat Mongrel Stout and India Red Ale. The new blended beer was named Foxy Pony. The brewers were so impressed they agreed to brew a batch of the beer for public release.

Released in July, the beer is available for a limited time at the Prancing Pony Brewery.

Style - American Dark IPA
Strength - 8.0%
Size - 500mL Bottles & Draught
Colour - Deep blackish maroon.
Aroma - Great notes of pine, resin and citrus.
Malt - Caramel malt with lots of sweetness and a touch of roasted coffee.
Hops - lots of citrus and stonefruit with bucket loads of bitterness.
Overall Taste - A great red ale profile with hints of coffee and roasted malt.
Overall - A great collaboration between the two breweries. Well worth hunting down before it disappears forever.



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