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Barossa valley brewing company
Choc & Coffee Stout
By : Beer Adelaide
Aug 2015
Barossa Valley Brewing Company have been very busy lately release many new beers in bottles.
The latest drop to be bottled is the Choc & Coffee Stout.

Style - Sweet/Milk Stout
Strength - 5.8%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Velvet Black.
Aroma - Roasted Coffee & Liquorice.
Malt - Lots of roasted flavours here, with coffee and hints of cocoa. It leaves your pallet with a great sweet finish.
Hops - Mild bitterness.
Overall Taste - The roasted flavours dominate the taste of the beer, with only mild bitterness,
the finish is dry but sweetish.
Overall - A great stout, though a little thin for my liking, a bit more body would have been nice.



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