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Big shed brewing concern
Kol schisel
By : Beer Adelaide
Aug 2015
The latest core beer for Big Shed Brewing has just been released in bottles.
Kol Schisel is a Kolsch style beer that is easy drinking.

It is nice to see Big Shed Brewing start to bottle in 330mL bottles. As someone who loves big bold beers, sometimes 640mL of a 11% imperial style stout can be a little too much. Hopefully they start to bottle all their beers in the smaller bottles.

Style - Kolsch
Strength - 4.2%
Size - 330mL Bottles & Draught
Colour - Light golden colour.
Aroma - A great fresh aroma with citrus and spice.
Malt - Hints of fresh bread, and slight sweetness.
Hops - Subtle hop flavour with hints of citrus and spice, with a nice bitter taste at the back of the mouth.
Overall Taste - A great refreshing beer with a nice balance of malt and bitterness.
Overall - A great kolsch with balanced flavours and would make a great session beer.



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