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Big shed brewing & Dr's orders
Dr shedlove
By : Porgy & Beer Adelaide
Oct 2015
Dr Shedlove is the first collaboration beer for the Big Shed Brewing Concern and Doctors Orders Brewing in Sydney. The name is based on Stanley Kubrick's classic movie, Dr Strangelove, and this beer is as crazy as the doctor in the movie.

This Imperial Stout Saison is huge beer with Sweet Potato added to the mash and aged in Whisky Barrels.

Style - Imperial Stout
Strength - 10.5%
Size - 640mL Bottles
Colour - Very dark brown.
Aroma - Sweet smelling and earthy with hints of spice and citrus.
Malt - Sweet tasting with vanilla and bourbon.
Hops - Mild bitterness with allspice, the bitterness grows at the back of the pallet.
Overall Taste - A complex sweet stout, with nice spice and bourbon flavours.
Overall - A fantastic imperial stout, with a complex mix of flavours, With the sweetness of the potatoes and the vanilla from the barrel aging. This is one beer well worth hunting down.


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