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Campus Brewery - Funky shirt   Logo
By : Porgy & Beer Adelaide
Oct 2015
One of the latest students beers from Campus brewery is Funky Shirt, Rye IPA.

Funky Shirt was the working name for the students beer, first chosen for one of the students in the class who on the first day was wearing a funky shirt. The name stuck and a great looking funky label was designed.

Style - Rye IPA
Strength - 5.5%
Size - 500mL Bottles
Colour - Amber.
Aroma - Lots of citrus, pine with a hint of sweetness.
Malt - Nice sweetness, with earthiness and hints of nuts.
Hops - Lots of bitterness, loads of hop resin with hints of citrus.
Overall Taste - A nice IPA with lashings of bitterness and a hint of sweetness.
Overall - An interestingly complex IPA, with lots of bitterness.


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