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Clare valley brewing co.
Bulls eye
By : Beer Adelaide
Oct 2015
Bulls Eye was one of the first beers brewed by the Clare Valley Brewing Co. and is one of the core range of beers brewed at the brewery.

Bulls Eye is Clare Valley Brewing Co's take on a classic South Australian style of beer the Aussie Pale Ale.

Style - Australian Pale Ale
Strength - 4.5%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - A nice hue of golden amber.
Aroma - Great floral aroma with hints of stone fruit and citrus.
Malt - Nice maltiness, with a mild sweet biscuit flavour.
Hops - lots of bitterness with hints of citrus and floral flavours.
Overall Taste - A nice amount of malt with lots of bitterness but some hop flavours to keep you satisfied.
Overall - Great example of an Australian Pale Ale, with some great hop flavours. If you are regular drinker of Coopers Pale Ale, do yourself a favor and give this Aussie Pale Ale a try



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