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Croydon brewery
Viking Cherry ale
By : Beer Adelaide
Dec 2015
The Croydon Brewery is one of the states newest beer brands, being brewed at several local breweries.
The company has two beers, a Black Ale, and a Cherry Ale.

The Viking Cheery Ale is a fruit beer with locally grown cherry's added to the beer.

Style - Fruit Beer
Strength - 5.6%
Size - 330mL Bottles
Colour - Amber with a slight dark red hue.
Aroma - A sweet cereal aroma with a hint of sourness.
Malt - A extremely nice malty flavour, lots of sweetness and biscuity flavours going on.
Hops - Very lightly hopped, with little bitterness.
Overall Taste - A huge malt hit, with a slight sourness on the back of the pallet, the cherries are very faint but do show through.
Overall - A very different fruit beer, with the cherries playing second fiddle to the malt.
It is very different to the normal lambic style cherry beers, with the cherries complimenting to the hop flavour instead of dominating the beer.



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