Foureur & Kritzner / J. H. Foureur Limited

Foureurs Co-Operative Cider & Vinegar Ltd / Foureurs Co-Operative Ltd

Joseph Hippolyte Foureur was born in Hautevilliers, France on July 16th 1842. Joseph had been trained in champagne manufacture at the Moet winery in France before moving to England with his family. In 1873 Joseph, his wife Maria and their daughter Bertha migrated to Adelaide on the ship 'Sattara'. Upon his arrival Joseph started an Aerated waters company in Glenelg called Foureur and Kritzner. The company was the first in South Australia to make Champagne, but Mr Kritzner left the business in 1876 and later that year Joseph declared insolvency. Bickford and Son employed Joseph for a few years and by 1891 Joseph had started his own aerated water and brewing company at his Brompton house, where he started making Champagne again.

By 1893 the Brompton property was becoming too small and Joseph purchased land on 2 Murray Street, West Mitcham. With the new century Joseph discontinued his alcoholic drinks and concentrated on Aerated Waters, Tonic Ales and Cordials. Mr Josheph Foureur died on the 23rd of May 1935, leaving his sons Henry and Louis to manage the business. The name of the company was then changed to Foureur Co-operative Cider & Vinegar Limited. In 1946 the business was purchased by Frederick Chalk and renamed Foureurs Co-operative Limited, with Henry and Louis taking up jobs at the Springfield Brewery as coopers.

In 1950 Williams Breweries in Kent Town purchased the company, and then moved their whole business from their Kent Town site to West Mitcham where they continued to manufacture Foureurs branded drinks.





Foureur & Kritzner
J. H. Foureur Limited
Foureurs Co-Operative Cider & Vinegar Ltd
Foureurs Co-Operative Ltd

Brewery ID : 5.001.032

Established : 1875

Foureur & Kritzner
1875 to 1876 - Jetty Road, Glenelg
J.H.Foureur Ltd
1891 to 1935 - Brompton Park / Murray Street West Mitcham
Foureurs Co-Operative Cider & Vinegar Ltd
1935 to 1946
Foureurs Co-Operative Ltd
1946 to 1950

Sold to Williams Breweries in 1950

Brewery and Softdrink maker

Josheph Foureur

Henry & Louis Foureur 1952

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