American Beverage Co & American Bottlers Ltd

In September 1958, American Beverage Company Limited acquired W. W. Haydon & Sons Ltd in Queenstown. The newly acquired company was tasked with bottling American beverage brands such as Pepsi and Mirinda. Subsequently, it merged with American Bottlers, another entity engaged in the bottling of American branded beverages.

The combined efforts of the two companies resulted in rapid success, leading to expansion through the acquisition of Lincoln Springs Beverages in Port Lincoln, Crystal Cordial Company in Port Augusta, and Fergusons Beverages in Mount Gambier in 1960. Soon after, Pepsi Co acquired American Beverage Company, with a focus on exclusively bottling Pepsi Co branded drinks. The company was later sold to Schweppes Australia in 1967, which continued to produce Pepsi drinks.


American Beverage Co. Ltd.

American Bottlers Ltd

Company ID : 5.001.S006 & 5.001.S007

111 Port Road,Queenstown,
118 Port Road, Alberton,
259 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

Established : 1958

Closed : 1967

Company Code : F13013



Bottle Caps by American Beverages
All caps have either American Beverages Adelaide and or F13013 around the rim of the cap
5.001.S006.C01.0010 5.001.S006.C01.0020 5.001.S006.C01.0030
Mirinda Orange Flavour
5.001.S006.C02.0010 5.001.S006.C02.0020 5.001.S006.C02.0030 5.001.S006.C02.0040
Mirinda Lemonade
Mirinda Lime Flavour
5.001.S006.C04.0010 5.001.S006.C04.0020
Mirinda Lemon & Lime Flavour
5.001.S006.C05.0010 5.001.S006.C05.0020
Bottle Caps by Schweppes
5.001.S205.C50.0010 5.001.S205.C50.0020 5.001.S205.C50.0020
5.001.S205.C51.0010 5.001.S205.C52.0010 5.001.S205.C53.0010
Pepsi Bottle Cap Sets
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