Brewboys Brewery

Brewboys has been a prominent figure in the beer industry of South Australia for a considerable period, surpassing many others in longevity. With acclaimed brews like the Ace of Spades stout and Seeing Double Scotch ale, this brewery, founded by Simon Sellick and Stephen Nelsen in 2008, quickly gained recognition among the early adopters of craft beer throughout the country.

During its initial stages, brewing operations were carried out at Adelaide's Regency TAFE campus. However, Simon eventually relocated Brewboys to a building across the street on Regency Road. Meanwhile, Stephen shifted his focus to training aspiring brewers at the TAFE and providing consultancy services to other brewing companies.

Presently, Brewboys still operates from the same Regency Road building, albeit with a significant change. After a decade of leading the brewery, Simon made the decision to sell his stake. Taking over the reins were Dan Michael and Owen Davies, who are the current operators of the brewery.

Brewboys Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.001.M011

151 Regency Road Croydon Park SA 5008

Established : 2008

Brewery / Contract : Brewery

Draught, Bottles & Cans



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