The Adelaide Aerated Waters & Brewing Company Limited

The Adelaide Aerated Waters & Brewing Co. Ltd. was established in early 1883 at 87 Currie Street, Adelaide. By May 1883 the company had moved manufacturing to the old Billin and Wright factory in Angas Street, Adelaide. The company supplied Aerated Waters, Cordials, Ales and Stouts and continued to manufacture Billin & Wright products.

The companies original trademark was a Boars Head, but the T. B. Hall brand of imported stout already had that trademark. The brewery was taken to court over the trademark infringement and trying to pass off their beer as the imported product. A.A.W & B. Co.Ltd. had repaid its mortgage by 1888 and business was booming. In 1898 the company went into voluntary liquidation.

One of the reasons the company wound up was that their supply of bottles had dried up. Up until the beginning of the 20th century 95% of all bottles were still imported from the UK, and most were imported with beer in. Local companies would clean and reused these bottles. There was often a shortage of good, usable bottles until the Pick Axe brand bottles were manufactured in South Australia.


The Adelaide Aerated Waters & Brewing Company Limited

Brewery ID : 5.001.001

1883 - Currie Street, Adelaide
1883 Onwards - Angus Street, Adelaide

Established : 1883

Closed : 1898

Brewer & Aerated Waters Manufacturer



Licensed Victuallers Gazette - January 10th 1885


AAW&BCo's logo vs T.B. Halls Logo



Labels from the brewery

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