F. G. Burton

Frederick George Burton was born in London, England in 1843 and arrived in South Australia on the ship Nugget in 1858. In 1864 Mr Burton joined the police force but resigned after a short period of service. Mr Burton then entered employment at Primroses brewery, but left in 1867 to start a business selling alcoholic drinks ranging from imported Wine, Spirits and Ales as well as bottling Primroses ales and porters and local wines.

The business moved many times over the next 13 years, by the early 1870's the business opened a bottling establishment in Wallaroo delivering to the copper triangle townships.

The business was sold to the Phillipson Brothers in 1880, and Frederick moved to Mount Gambier and resumed his police service and become a mounted constable, working in Mount Gambier and surrounding townships. Mr Burton died in July 1922 in Mount Gambier leaving behind a son, three daughters and 24 grandchildren.


F. G. Burton

Brewery ID : 5.001.013

Established : 1867
1867 - Ward Street, North Adelaide
1867 - Sturt Street, Adelaide
1868 - Halifax Street, Adelaide
1875 - Gawler Place, Adelaide
1878 - Gresham Street, Adelaide

Closed : 1880

Bottler of Union Brewery Beer



The South Australian Advertiser 12th April 1867


Express & Telegraph 24th December 1878



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