C. H. Hakendorf / Kanake & Co

Peter Manoel and Theonesey Kanake started a beer bottling company in the late 1870s named Manoel & Co, in Queenstown near Port Adelaide. By June 1880 the partnership dissolved and Theonesey took over the business and renamed it to Kanake & Co, and moved to a new site on Lipson Street near the Port Admiral Hotel in Port Adelaide.

A suspicious fire ripped through the business in June 1882 and though it couldn't be proven, it was suspected Mr Kanake started it. After the fire, Henry Edmeades of the Anchor Brewery purchased the business, and used the facilities to bottle Anchor beer, with Mr Kanake managing the bottling.

In May 1884 after Henry Edmeades closed the Anchor Brewery, the bottling business was sold back to Mr Kanake. Though by late 1884 Theonesey had declared insolvency and sold the business.

Christopher H. Hakendorf was the publican at the Jervois Hotel in the 1880s, the hotel was owned by the Union Brewery. Mr Hakendorf purchased the business of Kanake & Co in January 1885 after its insolvency, but this only lasted a year or two as by May 1887 Christopher was publican at the Railway Terminus Hotel in Port Augusta, also owned by the Union Brewery


C. H. Hakendorf / Kanake & Co

Brewery ID : 5.001.036

Lipson Street, Port Adelaide

Established : 1880

Closed : c1886




The Evening Journal, 8th July 1882


The Evening Journal, 3rd June 1885



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