Moonta Brewery

John Moody was born in Dorsetshire in 1831, John and his parents left for South Australia in 1849 and upon arrival he opened a grocery store named the Sugar Loaf in King William Street Adelaide. John married Miss J Williams the daughter of Charles Williams from the Walkerville Brewery. John learned the brewing business from Charles and in the early 1860's John and his family moved to Wentworth in New South Wales where he established a brewery.

The Wentworth Brewery was operational by 1867 and was highly rated, but unfortunately the brewery was washed away in 1870. The brewery was abandoned and the Moody's moved to Moonta in the copper triangle. John started to build a brewery in 1873 and was brewing beer by the start of 1874. The beer being brewed by John was again highly rated and it won several awards at local shows. By 1879 John decided to move away from Moonta and found a property at Orroroo and worked as an auctioneer and general agent. John died in 1916 leaving four sons and five daughters, and was greatly loved by the people in Orroroo.


Moonta Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.270.001


Established : 1874

Closed : 1879




The Yorkes Peninsula Advertiser, 31st March 1876


South ASustralian Almanac 1877



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