Halifax Street Brewery

Imperial Brewery

The start of the states most dominant brewing companies started in 1843 by William Clark. The Halifax Street Brewery on Halifax Street, Adelaide was the starting brewery for Mr Clark who later went on to establish the West End Brewery on Hindley Street, and was also the first brewery William Knox Simms brewed at, he would later turn the fledgling West End Brewery into the largest brewery in the state.

William Clark was born in Newry, Ireland and arrived in Adelaide on the "Sir Charles Forbes" in 1838. Mr. Clark established the Halifax Street Brewery in 1843, across the street from the Rob Roy Hotel. The new buildings incorporated a house, stables and brewery, and by 1853 a flour mill and bakery was built on the site. In 1846 William and his wife had a son named Edward Clark. Edward went on to operate the Auburn, Goolwa and Holland Street Breweries.

The Halifax Brewery was now the second largest brewery in the state behind the Union Brewery operated by Mr Primrose. Mr. Clark purchased the Pirie Street Brewery in 1856 and continued to run both breweries. William Knox Simms and Henry Noltenius became partners in the brewery in 1856 and traded as "Simms & Partners". Henry Noltenius left the partnership in 1858 to start a spirit, wine and beer bottling plant, and Mr. Clark left the partnership in 1859 to open a new brewery on Hindley Street.

Mr. Simms operated the brewery alone for the next year, with Mr. Charles Mallen as the head brewer. The brewery was sold in 1860 and William Knox purchased the West End Brewery in Hindley Street when Mr. Willaim Clark became insolvent. Mr. Mallen also left with Mr. Simms and brewed at the West End Brewery. Mr Edward Crawford leased both the Halifax Street Brewery and the Pirie Street Brewery for the next three years after becoming insolvent at his previous brewery in Hindmarsh. By 1861 Mr Crawford purchased the new Hindmarsh brewery from Mr. J. Coultard located on Richard Street right next to his previous brewery, and the Halifax Street and Pirie Street breweries were sold off. Mr. Crawford moved all operations to the Hindmarsh Brewery on Richard Street.

John Primrose used the buildings from the mid 1860's as a malthouse employing two workers eight months a year. In 1874 Mr. William J. Disher purchased the brewery and updated all the brewing equipment. Mr. Disher had previously operated the Standard Brewery in Echuca before moving to Adelaide. The new brewery was renamed the Imperial brewery and although after initial success the brewery closed in 1875. The site again was abandoned and was later demolished and used as the City Rubbish Destructor, The Chimney for the Destructor still stands today


Halifax Street Brewery

Imperial Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.001.037

Halifax Street, Adelaide
Across from the Rob Roy Hotel

Established : 1843
Halifax Street Brewery
1843 to 1863
Imperial Brewery
1874 to 1875

Closed : 1875




Halifax Street Brewery 1865
B5099/7 State Library SA

Halifax Street Brewery 1860
B9521 State Library SA



Adelaide Observer, 20th May 1854
Fatal accidents involving children, are unfortunately common in our states brewing history.
RIP Margaret Green Aged 8