Hindmarsh Brewery, Robert Street

Daniel Cudmore was born in Tory Hill, Ireland in 1811, he migrated to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) in the 1830's with his family. Mr. Cudmore left Van Diemen's Land in 1837 on the Cygnet heading for Adelaide, where he found employment as the brewer at the Union Brewery which opened in March 1838. This position only lasted until May 1839 when the brewery was sold to Mr Primrose and Richmond. Mr Cudmore then constructed a new brewery in Hindmarsh and construction finished in 1841, this new brewery would have been one of the largest in the South Australian colony at the time. Daniel Cudmore brewed successfully at this new brewery for another 2 years and the brewery was then leased to Mr Edward J. F. Crawford.

Edward James Frederick Crawford was born in Banbury, England, in 1809. Mr Crawford learnt the trade of brewing from an early age, whilst still living in England. He married Mary Scott in 1831 and the pair left for South Australia on the Dorset in 1838, joining them was Mr. Crawfords brothers Sidney and Thomas. The brothers started a farm in the Mount Crawford area (this area might have been named after the Crawford brothers), but due to difficulties the property was later abandoned. Edward Crawford remarried in 1841 and then became involved with the South Australian newspaper. This new profession did not last long, so he fell back on one of the trades he knew well, brewing. Mr Edward Crawford and partner Mr Tinline leased the Hindmarsh brewery from Daniel Cudmore in early 1843. Mr Tinline left shortly afterward. Mr. Crawford purchased it from Mr. Cudmore in 1845, and he was joined by four of his brothers at the new brewery.

The brewery was very successful trading as "Crawford Bros.", and the brewery even started exporting beer to Singapore starting in 1845. Both Sidney and James Crawford left the brewery in 1852, with Sidney opening a new brewery in Middleton . Disaster struck the brewery in 1857 when one of the boilers exploded, flying for hundreds of metres across the River Torrens and destroying one side of the brewery in the process. The explosion also started a fire that tore through the brewery. The damage was estimated at 1,000 pounds, and had it exploded an hour earlier would have taken up to seven lives. Mr Crawford had financial difficulties and lost the business in 1859. The building became abandoned until 1862 when it was used as a malt house by Simms and Chapman's West End brewery. The brewery was started up again in 1876 and renamed the Kangaroo Brewery by Mr. R. Strutton and Mr C. Trapmann.


Hindmarsh Brewery, Robert Street

Brewery ID : 5.001.041

Robert Street, Hindmarsh

Established : 1841

Closed : 1859




Hindmarsh Brewery 1849
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Daniel M P Cudmore c1865
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Edward J F Crawford c1880
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