Middleton Brewery

William Thring was the publican at the Middleton Hotel in the 1850s, he built a brewery to supply the hotel shortly after taking control of the pub. The brewery was put up for lease in 1855, with Sidney M Crawford moving from the Hindmarsh Brewery to brew at the site.

Sidney M Crawford was the brother of Edward Crawford from the Hindmarsh Brewery. The brothers were business partners at the Hindmarsh Brewery until 1852 when Sidney moved to a property just out from Goolwa, in an area that would be named Middleton. Disaster struck on the 27th of May 1857 when Sidney's only son Sidney Mordaunt Crawford accidentally fell into a vat of boiling liquid, he sustained terrible burns and he died the next day, Little Sidney was only 3 years old. The tragedy really affected Sidney and he stopped brewing soon after, and he eventually moved away from Middleton in 1861

The brewery was put up for lease again but there is no record of anyone brewing at the site again.


Middleton Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.256.001


Established : 1854

Closed : 1857




Adelaide Observer, 16th June 1855

Adelaide Observer, 6th June 1857
RIP Sidney Crawford Aged 3