West End Brewery

Robert Cock built Mount Gambier's (Gambiertown) first brewery in 1856. Roberts son Robert Jr was the brewer at the brewery though he moved to Victoria after a year of brewing, leaving Robert Snr to manage the brewery. By 1865 the brewery was lease to Robert Anderson and George Sharp, who were operating the Port MacDonnell brewery. The brewery was not really suitable for Sharp and Anderson, so they built a new brewery in 1868 and left the West End Brewery.

The brewery was leased by George Maud and Philip Draper and the equipment was upgraded. The partnership was dissolved and George continued the brewery alone until 1870 when he was declared insolvent. The brewery was put up for sale in 1870, but the site was not used for brewing again, by the 1880's the property was used as bacon factory.


West End Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.280.006

Commercial Street, Mount Gambier

Established : 1856

Closed : 1870




Robert Cock 1870
PRG 34/27/2/11 State Library SA

Adelaide Bacon Factory 1890, they took over the brewery site in the 1880's
B 23486 State Library SA