Willow Brewery

William Beauchamp built a brewery in the new township of Pichi Richi located between Port Augusta and Quorn along the railway line. Mr Beauchamp hired Charles Henry Gray to be the brewer. Gray was already very famous for his beers in the northern townships having already brewed in Stirling North and Beltana. The brewery was sold in 1880 to William Taylor from Port Augusta. The brewery was damaged by a fire in 1883 and the brewery didn't re-open.  


Willow Brewery

Brewery ID : 5.379.001

Pichi Richi

Established : 1879

Closed : 1883




Pichi Richi Brewery,
Lower left of the picture c1880
B9350 State Library SA

Pichi Richi Brewery, July 1881
B16708 State Library SA



Port Augusta Dispatch, 3rd December 1880