Campus Brewery - TafeSA

The Regency Park Tafe purchased a state of the art micro brewery in the early 2000's, and started a Certificate III in food processing (Brewing). The brewery instructors Stephen Nelson and Simon Sellick both previous brewers at the Port Dock Brewery Hotel. Both brewers setup the new brewery for both instructing and production, so the brewery started contract brewing for several customers.

The brewery soon got into trouble with the state government for undercutting local microbreweries when I came to contract brewing, though this was just a single complaint from another local microbrewery. Both brewers left the Tafe in 2008 to setup their own brewery. The TAFE course and brewing of the house beers continued. Stephen returned to the TAFE in 2012 when he left Brew Boys.

The brewery still brews contract beers, usually breweries started from ex students in the brewing course, several of these breweries include, Beer No Evil, Left Barrel, Libation Army and Suburban Brew.

Campus Brewery - TafeSA

Brewery ID : 5.001.M009

Regency Park Tafe, Regency Road, Croydon

Established : 2005

Brewery / Contract : Brewery

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5.001.M009.0C0.0010   5.001.M009.CS13.0010
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