Codes used on this site


5 001 001 001 0010
First Column - State Second Column - Township Third Column - Company Fourth Column - Drink Last Column - Label/Bottlecap/Can Number

The first digit is are State
code, the postcode prefix is


The second digits are the
location codes, a code for
each town or city in the
state, listed alphabetically.
The third digits are the
company codes.
The fourth digits are the drink
type code.
The last digits are the label
code for the beer listed.
Usually listed in steps of 10
to allow for new labels to be
inserted in future revisions.

2 - New South Wales \ ACT

3 - Victoria

4 - Queensland

5 - South Australia

6 - Western Australia

7 - Tasmania

8 - Northern Territory

List of town codes

For historical companies (Pre 1980) this is listed alphabetically. as this list shouldn't change too often

For new companies (post 1980) this is listed from the companies establishment date. As there will be new companies added all the time.

A 'M' will prefix a Micro Brewery

A 'S' will prefix any company that only makes Soda or Cordials

usually listed in
age order, with the oldest
known beer listed first.

For more generic items like bottlecaps a C will prefix this number.

C - Crown Seal
A - Twist Top
T - Can
G - Stone Gingerbeer Bottle
P - Pyro Label Bottle
K - Keg Label
B - Back Label
N - Neck Label
S - Special Label

5 053 002 002 0010
State 5 =
South Australia
Town 53 =
Company 002 =
Unicorn Brewery
Beer Number 002 =
XXX Stout
Item 0010 =
First known label from this drink
5 076 M001 001 0020
State 5 =
South Australia
Town 76 =
Company M001 =
Clarendon Brewery
(Micro Brewery)
Drink Number 001 =
Grand Export Lager
Item 0020 =
The second known label of this drink
5 001 053 0C1 020
State 5 =
South Australia
Town 1 =
Company 53 =
Lion Brewing & Malting
Drink Number 0C1 =
Generic Item - Bottle Cap
Item 020 =
Bottle Cap number 2
5 001 S249 008 0010
State 5 =
South Australia
Town 1 =
Company S249 =
(Softdrink Company)
Drink Number 002 =
Big Sars
Item 0010 =
First known Big Sars label
List of all known South Australian softdrink manufacturers
Hotel Labels
This is the only area where these codes change a little, All hotels are listed from Bob Hoads book where South Australian hotels are numbered alphabetically.
There is no regional separation in Bobs listings, so I have dropped that aspect of the codes.
The drink code are also dropped as the drinks from hotels were usually just given a generic name.
  5 H585 0010  
  State 5 =
Southy Australia
Hotel H585 =
Waverley Hotel
Item 0010 =
First known known label from the hotel
List of all the known hotels in South Australia
Though many have changed names over the years and are listed under thier longest operating name