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Chambers & Blades

The Morphett Street brewery was closed in 1870 with the brewing plant being sold off to Charles Chambers and Frederick Blades, the brewing equipment was moved to South Terrace and a new brewery was constructed. The new brewery was named the Dragon Brewery and was situated near the Green Dragon Hotel, and was often referred to as the Green Dragon Brewery.

Charles Chambers died in 1887, Charles’s brother William stepped in and became a partner in the brewery. The brewery became popular, the beer was sold through out the state. Most large breweries did not bottle beer until the 1900’s, so Mr. Castle on Morphett Street was contracted to bottle dragon beer for sale. The brewery was declared insolvent in 1893 but an agreement was made with their creditors and the brewery continued to trade. Frederick Blades died in 1895 leaving his son Frederick Jr to continue the brewery with William Chambers.

By the end of the century most of the established breweries were falling on hard times with new government regulations and the popularity of Lager beer increasing, the most breweries were either purchased by the large two breweries (South Australian Brewing and Walkerville Co-Operative) or the breweries closed and had the two big breweries supply their hotels with beer. The Dragon brewery was closed in 1901 and the Walkerville Co-Operative Brewing Company purchased the brewing equipment and hired Frederick Blades Jr as a brewer.





Dragon Brewery
Chambers & Blades

Brewery ID : 5.001.025

South Terrace, Adelaide

Established : 1870

Closed : 1901


The Dragon Brewery 1901
B-2726 State Library SA

Dragon Brewery 1901
B-2725 State Library SA


The South Australian Directory Advertiser 1872


The South Australian Directory Advertiser 1881

Labels from the brewery
c1901 (Colours unknown)