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Haussen & Catchlove

Haussen & Co

Hindmarsh was a busy industrial area in the 1850’s. The area already had a major brewery operating (Crawford Bros.), but James Watson and Brocardius Bauer built a new large brewery just off the banks of the Torrens River just a few streets from the existing Hindmarsh Brewery. The new brewery had extensive cellars running several hundred yards underground, but by the time the new brewery was operating the old Hindmarsh brewery had closed. The partnership between Mr. Watson and Mr.Bauer had dissolved by the end of 1859 and Mr. J. Coultard leased the brewery. Mr Edward Crawford purchased the brewery in 1861 even though he was also running both the Pirie Street and Halifax Street breweries at the time, and by 1863 Mr Crawford had sold off the two breweries in Adelaide and was operating solely from the Hindmarsh Brewery.

Mr. E. Crawford had huge success at the brewery advertising his pale ales in all the major newspapers even having to contract his bottling to an outside company. By 1868 Mr. Crawford was ready to retire and was able to sell the brewery to his brother-inlaw George H. Catchlove and his business partner Herman H. Haussen.

Herman Henry Haussen was born in London in 1830 and arrived in Adelaide as a ten year old boy. Later he worked at a shipping agent in Adelaide. Mr. Haussen married Rosa Catchlove in 1858. George Henry Catchlove was born in England in 1830 and arrived in Adelaide on the Hooghly in 1839. He worked as an hotelier until 1867.

The pair went about creating more business and spent large amounts of money on advertising in all the major newspapers. Mr. Haussen died in late 1870, and Mrs. Rosa Haussen took over her deceased husband’s position at the brewery with help from her brother. The firm expanded their operation in the next few years by opening a store in Hindley Street, Adelaide and in Auburn, Country South Australia. In 1873 Mrs. Haussen married Frederick E. Bucknell who had been an hotelier in Port Adelaide. Mr. Catchlove retired in 1874, and Mr. Bucknell and his business partner Mr. Frank South Botting took over the brewery and traded as “Haussen & Co.”.

The brewery enjoyed huge success over the following years, becoming one of the largest breweries in South Australia. Mr. Frederick Bucknell retired in 1881, and Mr. Frank Botting continued the business alone until 1893. Due to ill health his father Francis Joseph Botting helped run the brewery, The business was still operating under ‘Haussen & Co.” but the Bottings introduced their own logo to the company, ‘BB’ for Botting & Botting. Mr. Frank Botting died in November 1894 leaving his father to operate the brewery alone until his death in 1907.

Haussen & Co. was incorporated in 1910 and traded as the Hindmarsh Brewery, Haussen & Company Ltd. By the first world war the Hindmarsh brewery was outdated and sales were down. The two big South Australian breweries at the time (S A Brewing & Walkerville) had most of the market share.

The brewery tried to update it’s brewing equipment in the 1920’s with the introduction of lager beer. The new style of beer was becoming very popular with SA Brewings most popular beer being XXX Bitter Beer which was a lager, as well as Walkerville investing in a new lager brewery from Switzerland. The Hindmarsh Lager beer did not rate very well, and was a market flop, the lager was taken off the market and mixed with stout to make their Half and Half beer.

With the Hindmarsh Brewery’s lager beer failure and the great depression, they finally closed their doors in 1927. All the Haussen hotels were then being supplied by the Walkerville Co-Operative Brewery. The buildings were used for different purposes until the 1970’s when the warehouse portion of the brewery was demolished and new warehouses built in their place. The main brewery building still stands and was restored in 2008 and used as a wine centre.





Hindmarsh Brewery

Haussen & Catchlove

Haussen & Co

Brewery ID : 5.001.042

Established : 1859

Hindmarsh Brewery
1859 to 1868 - Richard Street, Hindmarsh
Haussen & Catchlove
1868 to 1874
Haussen & Co
1874 to 1910
Haussen & Co
1910 to 1927

Closed : 1927


Edward J F Crawford c1880
B22103/25 State Library SA

Frank South Botting

Francis J Botting c1890
B47090/39 State Library SA

Port Adelaide Office c1870
B71196 State Library SA


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