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Lion Brewing & Malting Company Ltd

The Lion brewery was built in 1870 by Mr. William Bailey who previously operated hotels and Mr. Frederick Stanley a Wine and Spirit merchant. The brewery was operational by late 1870 and advertisements started in the local newspapers by December 1870. The brewing equipment might have been purchased from Mr. John Eamer who operated a brewery in Hackney called the Lion Brewery in 1869, Hackney is less than 1 kilometre from Jerningham Street. The brewery had immediate success and by 1873 a malt house was built at the site. In 1873 Mr. Stanley left the business so Mr. Bailey decided to sell the company.

Mr. James Johnston from the Oakbank Brewery and Mr. William Beaglehole a local hotelier decided to form a partnership and purchase the brewery. Mr. Johnston was still involved with the Oakbank brewery, but he thought it was wise to also have a brewery in the city of Adelaide as well as in the country. The malt house quickly became the principle product of the business, selling to small country breweries that could not put in their own malt houses.

By 1888 the brewery decided to list on the stock exchange and the company was renamed the Lion Brewery and Malting Company Limited, with Mr Beaglehole as managing director. Beer consumption had dropped by the end of the 1880’s so the company decided to also manufacture aerated waters and cordials, again helped by Mr. Johnston who had already had extensive experience from the Oakbank brewery. The Lion Brewery directors decided to purchase the Waverley Brewery in Broken hill in 1890. Mr. James Johnston died in 1891 from a heart attack.

By the start of the first world war the brewery was out of date and the new lager beer had swept the beer industry, with insufficient funds to update the brewery beer production ceased. All the Lion hotels were supplied by the Walkerville Co-Operative Brewery. Aerated water and cordials were still being produced at the brewery although in the 1920’s beer was being produced again but this was short lived and this ceased after a year or two. The brewery continued making aerated waters until 1974, when the company was sold to South Australian Brewing Co. In the 1980’s the brewery was converted into apartments and a Micro brewery opened at the site.





Lion Brewery
Bailey & Co
Beaglehole & Johnstone
Lion Brewing & Malting Company Ltd

Brewery ID : 5.001.053

Established : 1870

Lion Brewery (Bailey & Co)
1870 to 1873
Lion Brewery (Beaglehole & Johnston)
1873 to 1888
Lion Brewing & Malting Company Limited
1888 to 1974

Jerningham Street, North Adelaide

Brewery and Softdrink maker

Brewery Sign c1888
B15982 State Library SA

Lion Brewery 1880
B8979 State Library SA

Brewery c1880
B-75483 State Library SA

Lithograph c1881
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The Comet
1st December 1870

The Advertiser
4th December 1913

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Softdrink & Cordial Labels & Bottle Caps

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