Holdfast Bay Brewing Company

The Holdfast Hotel was built in 1881 and was initially named the Globe Hotel until 1952. The brewery started in 2002 with the assistance of The South Australian Brewing Company. A small microbrewery was setup on the northern side of the hotel and house beers were brewed for the hotel.

The hotel proprietor also owned the Dublin Hotel right next to the Glenelg jetty, which several beers were also specially brewed exclusive for the Dublin. The breweries beers won several awards before its popularity died down and their main house beer was brewed at SA Brewing. The microbrewery was closed in 2012 when both the Holdfast and the Dublin hotels were sold.


Holdfast Bay Brewing Company

Brewery ID : 5.001.M007

83 Brighton Road, Glenelg

Established : 2002

Closed : 2012

Brewery / Contract : Brewery & Contracted

Draught Beer

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