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William Henry Moyle, born in Redruth, Cornwall, England in 1834, embarked on an engineering apprenticeship that lasted seven years. In 1857, he set sail for America, where he worked in the mining industry for two years before journeying to Victoria aboard the "E. Norris" in 1859. He tried his luck in the Ballarat and Castlemaine goldfields before relocating to South Australia by the end of 1859. Moyle found employment as an engineer in various mines and mills across the state until 1878 when he joined Magarey's Mill in Port Pirie for seven years. Afterward, he worked in other local towns until illness prompted a trip to New Zealand for health restoration in the Hot Springs.


In 1887, Moyle acquired the plant and machinery of Norris and Footner, establishing a partnership with Frederick Charles Crocker as Moyle & Crocker. The business expanded under Moyle's direction, producing aerated waters, cordials, ice, and providing a butter storage area. During the off-season, they operated a wood and coalyard. By July 21, 1894, an official partnership agreement was reached, renaming the company "Moyle & Co."


Following F.C. Crocker's passing in 1897, Edward Henry Moyle, William's son, joined as supervisor. William Henry Moyle passed away on June 30, 1908, and Edward continued the business. Tragically, Edward Henry Moyle succumbed to a brief illness in August 1920 at the age of 57, having been born in 1863.


On June 15, 1922, Condon & McMahon assumed control of the operation while still operating under the W.H. Moyle and Co. banner. The Condon family maintained involvement until 1968, when voluntary liquidation occurred. Coca-Cola subsequently acquired the business, with the Condon family receiving shares in the company.


W H Moyle
Diverse Products Ltd Port Pirie

Company ID :5.370.S009

Corners Florence & David Streets, Port Pirie
Crystal Book & Whyalla

Established : 1887

Moyle & Crocker - 1887 to 1894
Moyle & Co - 1894 to 1897
W. H. Moyle - 1897 to 1922
Condon & McMahon (W. H. Moyle & Co) - 1922 to 1968
Coca Cola Amatil (Diverse Products Ltd Port Pire)
1968 to 1982

Closed : 1982




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