Kernewek Lowender Swanky

The Kernewek Lowender, also known as the Kernewek Lowender Copper Coast Cornish Festival, takes place every two years in the Copper Coast towns of Kadina, Moonta, and Wallaroo on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. This festival celebrates Cornish culture and is named after the Cornish phrase meaning "Cornish happiness" in the Cornish language. Scheduled for late autumn, it begins on the second Monday of May during odd-numbered years. The Kernewek Lowender proudly holds the title of the largest Cornish Festival outside Cornwall, showcasing the rich heritage of the region.


Ever since its inaugural event in 1973, the festival has featured its own signature beer known as "Swanky." This beloved beverage has been crafted by a total of eight breweries throughout the years and has become a favorite among festival attendees. With the exception of 2017, each festival has introduced a unique variation of the beer, complete with its distinct label or can design.

Swanky refers to the traditional beers brewed in Cornwall, England. Similar to how ginger beer was commonly brewed at home worldwide until the mid-20th century, Swanky beer was also brewed by local residents. This classic beverage incorporated typical beer ingredients along with sugar, ginger, and wheat. For the festival, the local Swanky beer has consistently been a rebranded version of the brewing breweries' beloved beer.




Coopers Brewery
1973, 1975, 1997, 1999

Northern Brewing Co, Mildura
1977, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985

The South Australian Brewing Co.
1987, 1989, 1993, 2001, 2003

Sanctuary Cove Brewing

Lion Brewing

Port Dock Brewery
2005, 2007

Brew Boys Brewery
2009, 2011, 2013, 2015

Watsacowie Brewery
2019, 2021, 2023

The inaugural event was held in 1973, Swanky was bottled by Coopers for the event, this would most likley beer Gold Crown Lager.
With the popularity of the event the beer was brewed again for the 1975 event.

1973   1975

With Coopers slowing down their private labels, Swanky was brewed by the Northern Brewing Co. in Mildura.
The 1977 event has been the only festival with two different sized bottles

1977   1977
1979   1981
1983   1985

By the late 1980's Swanky was brewed by the states largest brewery, The South Australian Brewing Company.

1987   1989

In 1991 Swanky was brewed by the Sanctuary Cove Brewing Company. This would be the last time Swanky was brewed outside of South Australia.


Brewing Return to the South Australian Brewing Company in 1993


Before the Old Lion Brewery closed 1996, one of the last beers they brewed was the 1995 Swanky


Coopers was returned as the brewer in the late 1990's with the 1999 beer being the first available in cans


At the start of the new millennium the South Australian Brewing Company brewed the next two Swanky beers.
This would be the last time a large brewery brewed the beer, with the beers brewed since being brewed at Micro Breweries.

This can was a normal West End Draught with a label on it.

The Port Dock Brewery took over Swanky with the brewers Stephen Nelson and Simon Sellick.
By 2007 the company Copper Coast Wines took over the Swanky brand, but the beer was still brewed at the Port Dock Brewery under contract.
Along with the new owner, came a new style of label, Copper Coast Wines did not own the Miner logo so vintage photos of the mines were used

The standard Drinks was incorrect and corrected with the following label
All six of these labels had two different barcodes, one for the festival and one to sell in bottle shops.

Copper Coast Wines continued with the Swanky brand, but with Stephen and Simon moving to the Campus Brewery in Regency Park, the brewing of Swanky moved with them


After the Campus Brewry got into trouble with the government for brewing contract beer for profit (At the request of the Port Dock Brewery)
Stephen and Simon started their own brewery named Brew Boys.
All Swanky brewing was moved to the new brewery, which is located across the road from the Campus brewery.

At the 21st festival Copper Coast Wines asked the festival for permission to use the miner logo on the label, this was approved.


Not long after the 2015 beer was brewed Cooper Coast Wines closed.

There was no beer brewed for the 2017 festival.
At the 2019 event the Kernewk Lowender festival took over the Swanky brand and brewing was moved to the Watsacowie Brewery.