Torrenside Brewery

Clark Ware & Co.

The beginnings of the states largest brewery all started on the banks of the River Torrens in 1886, With Arthur Wellington Ware and his Brother Thomas Lincoln Ware constructing a six story brewery for the price of £2000, in Southwark, just south of the existing Hindmarsh Brewery of Haussen & co. The Ware family already had a great pedigree with their father Charles James Ware brewing at Burra in the 1850’s and their mother Fanny Ware being the eldest daughter of Edward Crawford, one of the states first brewers.

The new brewery started off with a great product, winning several awards in the 1887 Adelaide Exhibition, and then going on to win other awards at the Melbourne and Paris Exhibitions. The reputation helped the brewery export beer to all parts of Australia from the Northern Territory, Victoria and the Western Australian goldfields. The popularity of the Torrenside beer in Victoria grew so much a the Wares opened a brewery in Torrenside Brewery 1886 to 1898 Arthur W Ware & Thomas L Ware 1886 to 1893 Arthur W Ware, Thomas L Ware, Charles B Ware & George W Ware 1893 to 1896 Arthur W Ware, Charles B Ware & George W Ware 1896 to 1898 Clark Ware & Co. 1898 to July 1898 Edward Clark, Arthur W Ware, Charles B Ware & George W Ware 1898 to July 1898 Richmond Victoria in 1888, the brewery was named the Beverley Brewery, though this venture was only short lived and the Beverley brewery was put up for sale in February 1890.

Charles Boxer Ware and George J Ware joined the business in 1893 and after Thomas Ware died in 1896 and his brother Charles took over his duties in the company. The brewery had a reputation of being one of the most advanced in the colony and in 1898 the brewery amalgamated with the East Adelaide Brewery owned by Edward Clark. The ‘East Adelaide Brewery’ was closed, and all brewing was conducted at the Torrenside side. Later that same year they sold their business to the ‘Walkerville Co-Operative Brewing Company Ltd’, who closed their Walkerville premises and moved all operations to Southwark. Charles Ware continued with the Walkerville Co-Operative Brewing Co. becoming one of the board members.



Torrenside Brewery
Clark Ware & Co.

Brewery ID : 5.001.094

Established : 1886

Torrenside Brewery
1886 to 1898 - Winward Street, Southwark
Clark Ware & Co.

Walkerville Co-Operatove Brewing Company
1898 to 1939
Nathan Brewery
1939 to 1949
South Australian Brewing Company Ltd
1949 to 2021

Closed : 1898


Torrenside Brewery

Charles B Ware


Arthur W Ware

Torrenside Brewery Display for the Paris Exhibition of 1889


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