Shedding light on the latest news, reviews and information on the
South Australian brewing industry

About Beer Adelaide

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Beer Adelaide is a beer blog dedicated to all things South Australian beer and brewing. I will endeavour to illuminate readers on the latest happenings, beer reviews and general information related to the local industry.

I will attempt to keep the blog fairly simple and not to delve too deep into the reviews. While there are plenty of craft beer lovers in South Australia, there is also a large number of local beer drinkers that are yet to dive into craft beers.

The reviews will be aimed at all beer drinkers, with the aim of informing craft beer drinkers of new beers and hopefully converting CUB & Lion drinkers to drink our great local beers.

In addition to beer reviews I will post the latest news and beer releated events happening around South Australia, as well as a bit of history on the local brewery industry.