Angas Park Brewery

W. Appelt

T he Angus Park Brewery was started by John Williams in 1858, John had previously brewed in Devon, England prior to him moving to Australia. John had two sons, Charles and William both went on to have long carriers in brewing. Over the next ten years John went on to improve the brewery and build the reputation of the beer brewed. William left to manage the Burra Brewery in 1864, leaving Charles to assist his aging father. John Williams died aged 70 in June 1876 after a long illness, leaving his brewery to his wife, with Charles as the brewer. The brewery was put up for sale in 1879, though there were no takers. Charles moved to Victoria in the early 1880’s.

Mr A F Krüger had started a small brewery and distillery in Keyneton in 1880 and the business grew in popularity so much that the site was unsuitable. Mr Krüger purchased the Angus Park Brewery in 1883 to expand his brewing business. Mr Krüger died in 1903 leaving his brewery to his sons Adolf and Ewald Krüger. Both sons were blacksmiths and not brewers so the brewery was sold off in 1906 to Mr Hermann (Willie) Robert Appelt.

Willie Herman Appelt stopped brewing beer and concentrated on aerated waters, cordials and bottling Macclesfield beer. Willie died in 1923 and his brother Herman George Appelt took over the operation of the factory. The company decided to start brewing again in 1951 though this only lasted a few years. Appelts closed its doors in 1975.





Angas Park Brewery
W. Appelt

Brewery ID : 5.311.001

Railway Terrace, Nuriootpa

Established : 1858

Angas Park Brewery
1858 to 1912
W Appelt
1912 to 1957
Appelts Soft Drinks
1957 to 1975

Closed : 1975

Brewery & Softdrink Factory

Appelts factory c1940s

W Appelt


Bottle Caps Softdrink & Cordial Labels

Labels from the brewery

5.311.001.011.0010   5.311.001.020.0010
1952   c1928
5.311.001.020.0020   5.311.001.021.0010
c1930   c1930
5.311.001.022.0010   5.311.001.023.0010
c1930   c1920
5.311.001.024.0010   5.311.001.024.0020
c1960   c1965
5.311.001.024.0030   5.311.001.024.0040
c1965   c1970
5.311.001.025.0010   5.311.001.026.0010
c1970   c1966
5.311.001.027.0010   5.311.001.027.0020
c1966   c1970
5.311.001.027.0030   5.311.001.028.0010
c1970   c1960
5.311.001.028.0020   5.311.001.028.0030
c1965   c1965
5.311.001.028.0040   5.311.001.028.0050
c1970   c1970